How to set up stock synchronisation if same SKU is used for both FBA and Merchant Fulfilled Items

Please follow the below steps to configure your Selro account correctly, for stock synchronisation, if you convert FBA items into merchant fulfil items and start selling and vice versa.

Selro manages merchant fulfil inventory and FBA inventory separately. However, you can still download FBA items into Merchant Fulfil inventory for many different reasons.  The main reason is that if you want to list your FBA items into other channels via Selro, you must download the FBA inventory into your merchant fulfil inventory section of your Selro account.

In terms of stock synchronisation, Selro will not update stock levels for FBA items. It only updates stock levels in other channels and stock levels in Amazon for merchant fulfil items. 

Sometimes you may want to convert FBA items into Merchant fulfil items.  By doing that the new merchant fulfil items will be downloaded into the Selro merchant fulfil inventory section and will be included in the stock synchronisation process. However, if you have already downloaded your FBA items into your merchant fulfil inventory for listing purposes those items will not be included in the stock synchronisation processes. To prevent this from happening please remember to apply the below setting in your Selro amazon configuration section.

  •  Disable 'Download FBA items'  and enable only 'Download Amazon Catalog' and 'Download Orders'



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