Bulk Update Prices to channels via CSV

Please follow the below steps to bulk update prices to channels via CSV file upload.  If you don't have the latest prices for your items in an excel sheet, you can export the current pricing into a CSV file from your Selro Inventory.  

a) Please go to  Bulk Actions -> Bulk Exports and select 'Product Export File'.

This will export the current pricing from your Inventory.

If you would like to get the current pricing for a particular channel, please go to 'Channel Products -> Listed Items queue and select the 'channel'  and click Tools -> Export CSV.


b) Once the prices are exported into a CSV file, please open the file and update the new pricing.

If you would like to update the same new prices for all channels, you can just upload the pricing file with the following two headers:

SKU, price

You can download a sample price import file from here.

If you would like to update different pricing for each channel for the same item, please use the following file formats.  For marketplaces with different sites such as eBay UK, US, or Amazon US or UK,  please add the site name. These headers are not case sensitive.  




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