Automatically assign barcodes (EAN/UPC) to new products

Selro provides a convenient way to add barcodes when listing to Amazon and other channels.  


You can upload a csv file with empty barcodes into the Barcode Management System in Selro and you can enable the setting to add Barcodes (UPC/EAN)  into listing. Please follow the below steps. 


a) Please to  Inventory -> Barcode Management


b) Please select 'upload file type' as 'SKU Barcode File'


c) Please make sure barcode csv file has only below columns/field.


d) Once the file is uploaded please go to  Inventory -> Barcode Management and enable 'Automatically add unused barcodes to new products'




That is all you have to do and when you add an item to Amazon or any other channel, Selro will assign a new barcode(s) for your items.

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