How To Fulfil Non-Amazon Orders Via FBA (Both Manual And Automatic)

Selro gives you the ability to fulfil other channel orders such as eBay orders via Amazon FBA.  


Please follow the below steps. If you haven't set-up your FBA Warehouse with Selro, please follow the steps in the user guide below.

FBA Integration


Please go to the order management section by selecting Orders -> All Orders as shown below.



Please go to 'Unshipped orders' tab and select the order(s) that you want to fulfil via FBA and click 'fulfilment warehouses', then select fulfil via FBA.





c) This will open a new window with your FBA Fulfilment centre details and shipping methods available.


d) Optionally 'Preview Fulfilment Order' button to check the shipping rates. 

d) Please click 'Send to FBA' to send the orders to Amazon FBA.


To view your orders that have been sent to FBA to be fulfilled please click on the tab 'multichannel FBA orders' you will be able to see your orders here and the tracking data. 



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