Create new Listings to Sales Channels

Please follow the below steps to list items into your sales channels manually.

This user guide will outline the steps to create a single listing from your inventory, how to bulk list products from your inventory, and finally how to create listings via a CSV file. 


To list a single item to your sales channel please follow the below steps.


  • Please select Inventory-> Inventory and Listings
  • Please click on the product description 




  • Please select the 'listings' tab
  • Please select 'Create new Listing'




  • Next, you can select the channel(s) you want to list this product to
  • Select the Listing template you want to use                                                                                       (To create your listing templates please go to 'Settings-> Channel Integration-> Edit channel-> Listing Templates)
  • Click 'Create Listing' (for Amazon listings you can also link to Asins)




  • Once you have created your listing you can choose to edit the listing information to that channel. For example, if you want your Amazon listing to have a different title to your eBay listing you can amend the title in the below section and this will only affect your Amazon listings.








To list multiple products to your sales channel please follow the below steps:


  • Please select Inventory-> Inventory and Listings 
  • Use the filter tools to search for the products you want to list. 
  • Bulk select your products
  • Adjust the page size (you can list up to 1000 products using this process)
  • Select 'Create New Listing'





  • Next, you can select the Channels you want to list your products to, select the listing template per channel and click 'Next'




How to List product via a CSV file


Select Inventory-> bulk actions-> bulk imports-> product-> select the file type 'Multichannel listings upload'-> upload

You can download a sample file to populate from this section




You can also bulk list products under the channel integration section

Select settings-> channel Integration-> edit you channel-> other actions-> Bulk import product details




You can download a sample file from this page and upload your CSV file, this will update your current listings to your channel and you can also create new listings from here. 






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