How to list partial quantities to selling channels

Please follow this steps to list partial quantities to your selling channels. e.g if you have 100 stock available for an item and only want to list  10 quantity into eBay and 50 into Amazon, this steps will allow you to do that.  Stocks will automatically added into selling channel until your available quantity finishes. 

a) Please go to your Selro product inventory page and seach the item that you want to list partial quantities.


b) Click edit on the quantity and pop window will appear with all the listed selling channels for that sku


c) If you want to list partial quantity and not the full quantity, please uncheck 'List Full Quantity' and click 'Update Qty'

d) This will update the partial quantities into channels.  

e) Selro will keep the stock level at the given partial quantity levels until the total stocks avaiable and reduce the quantity levels accordingly.



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