Listing variation items into eBay

You can list both simple and variation items into eBay via Selro. Please follow the below steps to list variation items into eBay.

a) Please find the product from the inventory and edit the product. Please go to the variation tab and make sure variation SKUs are there. If not please add variation skus and images for those. To add images for variation SKUs, please click 'Edit' and then add images.


b) Once the product images are added for each variation (please note that this is optional and you can use the parent images for each variation if all images are same. such as items with different sizes), please go to 'Channel Items' tab and edit the eBay product. If the product is not added into eBay listing queue, please click 'Add to Channel' and select eBay


c) Please enter required details for the eBay product. You can leave title/description empty if required and those details from the product in Selro inventory will be used while listing.


d) To add variation, please click 'Manage variation theme' and select a variation them. If you need a new theme, first you would need to add that as an attribute from Inventory->Product attributes.



e )This will open a window with all the variation themes available



f) Please variation theme(s) and click 'Apply variation'. This will add the variation themes into the variation skus. 

g) To add images to a selected variation theme (e.g color) so that when a buyer select a color, correct image is displayed, please click 'Select a variation for images' and select the variation theme for the images.Screen_Shot_2017-06-24_at_23.07.08.png









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