Purchase Orders

Selro supports full purchase order functionality. Please follow the below steps to create a new purchase order, ship goods from your supplier and receiving the purchase order items into your warehouse.

Please note that before creating purchase orders, you must create at least one supplier and one warehouse to receive the goods.


a) Please go to Inventory -> Purchase Orders Menu.



b) Please click 'New Purchase Order' to create a new PO.  Existing PO are displayed below. You can remove existing POs up until they are receiving. 





c) You can add any number of items from the inventory into the PO and start the ordering process.





Bulk Import Purchase Orders


You can also upload your Purchase Orders to Selro in bulk, via a CSV file by selecting Import Purchase Orders. 




Please see the sample file below to show the correct format for this import. 

po import sample file.csv



Once you have created your purchase order you will also be able to view this under the individual suppliers under the supplier management section. 


Settings-> Supplier management-> Edit the relevant supplier-> Purchase Orders Tab


You can also customise the Header and Footer of your Purchase orders


Settings-> Supplier Managements-> edit the relevant Supplier-> Settings-> Edit


Please watch the below tutorial with step by step instructions on how to create your purchase orders in Selro. 






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