Pricing Rules for Sales Channels

You can create complex pricing rules for each sales channels based on cost price or based selling price. Please follow the below steps for configuring pricing rules for your sales channels. Pricing rules are configured in Listing templates so that for items listed using that listing template, listing price will be calculated automatically.

This example shows the price rule configuration for Amazon items. However, the following steps will be similar for all the other channels. 

Setting Up Pricing Rules

a) Please go to the channel settings and select the channel that you want to apply pricing rules



b) Please go to the 'Listing Templates' tab to see the existing listing templates.

c) Please select the listing template that you want to update pricing rules.


d) Please go to the pricing tab and enter the pricing rule for this listing template.


e) You can enter any complex pricing algorithm based on either based 'selling price' or 'cost price'.   'selling price' and the 'cost price' are the values entered in Selro product (under general details tab as shown below). 


f) Whenever a base selling price or cost price is updated, the selling price for items using this template will get automatically calculated and automatically updated into sales channels.


We will go through the following scenario and show how to use pricing rules to automatically maintain prices between two channels.  You can apply the same setup for more than 2 channels.


a) You have items listed in Amazon US and want to make Amazon CA price  25% more than Amazon US price.

Please follow the below steps. We have assumed that you have already downloaded your Amazon US and Amazon CA products into Selro inventory.   If you haven't then please download the Amazon US catalogue first into Selro and then CA. This way Selro base price will be same as Amazon US price and it will be easier to apply pricing rules for Amazon CA.

1) Please go to the listing template section for Amazon US and apply the following pricing rule.

Pricing rule  ${selling_price}

This rule says, please use base selling price as Amazon US selling price.

2) Now please go to the listing template section for Amazon CA and apply the following pricing rule.

Pricing rule   ${selling_price}*1.25


3) Now assuming that you have downloaded the Amazon US catalogue first,  you don't have to do anything and whenever a base selling price is updated, listing prices will be automatically calculated.

4) Assuming Amazon US product catalogue was not downloaded first, your base selling price may have different values. Please upload a csv file with SKU/selling_price  using 'general product' import file type.  Please use Amazon US selling price for this. This will set the base selling price same as Amazon US selling price.










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