How to add variations into an existing product

This article assumes that you already have a product with some existing variations, such as color and size, and would like to add a new variation, for example, a new color and size.

  • Please edit the product and go to the variation tab.


  • This product has two existing variations, to add a new variation, please click 'New Variation' and enter the SKU and the available quantity for the new variation.



  • This will add the new variation to the product. You can edit the product and add any variation image, price, etc.


  • Now you can edit the channels items such as eBay, Amazon and add this new variation into the channel listing. In this example, we will add the new variation SKU into an eBay listing.
  • Please go to the 'Channel Items' and select the eBay item and the new variation SKU will be shown under the existing variations, as shown below.
  • Please click 'Add to Variations' to add this item to the eBay listing and click 'Update to eBay' to send this new variation back to eBay.



  • Please follow the same steps for the other channels.




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