Creating Bundle Products

Selro supports bundle products (or Kit).

Please follow the below steps to create bundle products. 

  •  Assume you have two products with SKU 'PRODUCT_SKU_1' and 'PRODUCT_SKU_2' and want to create a new bundle product with SKU BUNDLE_SKU_1
  • Please create a new product  with the SKU BUNDLE_SKU_1 and set the type to 'Bundle'


  •  Please go to the 'Bundles' tab and add two products with the SKU 'PRODUCT_SKU_1' and 'PRODUCT_SKU_2' and assign the qty for the bundle. e.g if you want to include 1 of each product into the bundle, please enter the qty 1.




  • Now you can start listing this product to marketplaces or your e-commerce stores and the quantity will get automatically sync based on the stock availability on main products.



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