Bluepark Integration

Selro support full Bluepark integration for  inventory and order management. Please follow the below steps to connect your BluePark and download the items product catalgue and orders into your Selro account.

a) Please go to Settings ->Channel Integration and go to eCommerce Stores tab and select 'Bluepark' and click 'Add to Selro'



b) Please enter the blue park site URL and enter API user name and API key.  Please follow the below steps to find API keys.


Please login to Bluepark From the Admin Console Menu Bar:

  • Navigate to the Users menu and select the Admin Manager
  • Click on the green Plus button or select an existing admin user to enter the Admin Editor
  • Arriving on the Properties tab, check the box to Enable API Access
  • Save your changes. You can now view all of your API access credentials
  • Optionally, use the Permissions tab to customise the access level


2.png 3.pngScreen_Shot_2017-08-01_at_15.41.41.png 






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