Shipping Integration

Please follow below steps to connect your shipping account with Selro and start creating shipping labels.

To connect your account in Selro please follow the steps outlined below. 

Please select shipping-> shipping courier set up-> available couriers-> click 'setup'



The below screen will then appear, please click connect button to connect your account with Selro. This will ask you to login toScreenshot your account to authorised to get the connection establish.  





Selro provides the ability to top-up your account. Please click the  'Top up' button to your account.

Under the 'Shipping Services' tab please select the services you want to use for creating labels. 


Generating Shipping Labels

You can generate shipping labels in bulk up to 500 shipments at a time or one by one using the despatch console. Please go to the open orders tab and select the orders and click Create Labels ->

The following screen will be shows.  You can validate the address for the selected orders before creating the labels.  You can also check shipping rates before creating the label. 





Under 'integrated label settings' you have the option to customise your integrated label.

(If you only want to print the default stamps label 4x6 you can leave this section.)

Please click on the link below to view our user guide on designing your integrated label

User Guide


Under the thermal label set up tab you will see the below options.

From here you can choose to either print your default stamps label only, or you can print your label and the order summary as a separate page, to your thermal printer.

As default Selro will print the stamps 4x6 label only. 


To connect your printer please select the 'Printer Set-Up' tab and download the relevant software 

Once you have downloaded the QZ printer tray please click 'search printer' and connect your printer in Selro. 

If you select the print automatically check box, then when you generate your labels these will be automatically sent to your printer.

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