Add your eBay and Amazon products into Magento eCommerce Store

This article shows you how to add eBay and Amazon products into Magento eCommerce store via Selro's Multi-channel Inventory Management Platform.

  • If you haven't integrated your eBay and Amazon accounts with Selro, please follow user guides on
  • Once you integrated your accounts with Selro, your eBay and Amazon items will be automatically downloaded into Selro inventory. These items can be visible under 'Marketplace' tab. Sample screen is shown below. 



  • Selro will also automatically add these items into your Selro inventory. If there is a matching product already for the given SKU, Selro will link those items into your existing products in Selro inventory. Sample Selro inventory screen is show below. 



  • From this window , you can select products that your would like to add and select 'Add to eCommerce Store' from the drop down under 'eCommerce Actions'
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