Creating and Updating a HTML template for your eBay listings

You can easily create your own HTML listing template for your eBay items with Selro. Please follow the below guideline to create your HTML eBay listing template. 

You can include the following tags in your eBay listing template. When listing your eBay items using this listing template,  your product data will be automatically inserted into the html text before sending it to eBay.

${title!} This is the product title  
${description!} This is the product description
${product_summary1!} to ${product_summary5!}

This is product summary or Amazon bullet points.

You can have up to 5 product summary e.g  ${product_summary2!}


${image1!} to ${image15!}

Product images up to 15 images. This tag give the image url. Hence you would still need to include the html tags for img element.


<img src="${image1!}"/>

If you want to check whether the tag value is empty or not, please use the following.

<#if product_summary1??>

Selro tags use Freemarker template syntax and you could use complex syntax using the freemarker template guide at

You can also use tags for product attributes/eBay item specifics.  Just include the attribute name/item specific name (in lower case  with under score for spaces ) and the value will be included in the html description.


e.g  If you have an item specific name called 'Designer Type',  tag should be  ${designer_type!} 

Sample HTML Text to Start with is displayed below.





<img src="${image1!}"/>
<img src="${image2!}"/>
<img src="${image3!}"/>
<img src="${image4!}"/>

<h1>Return Policy</h1>




Once the eBay html template is completed, you can upload the html template for your listing profile.  For that please go to  'username -> connections -> edit eBay -> listing profiles and click 'Upload HTML Design'


This will upload the html design for all the listing profiles.  If you have different HTML design for each listing profile, you can upload the html file from the listing profile section.




Once the html file is uploaded, you can then send the updated description to eBay by clicking 'Update Only Descriptions', pictured below,  under the listing profile.



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