How to set Shipping details for your eBay items

Selro uses a template system to list your items into eBay. Template provides general details required for all your items in order to successfully list into eBay. Normally listing templates contains  eBay listing specific details rather than item specific details.  You can enter following listing specific data into your eBay listing template so that you dont have to enter these information, every time you create an item in eBay.

a) Shipping Details (Mandatory)
b) Payment Details  (Mandatory)
c) Item Location Details (Mandatory)
d) Default eBay Item Category and item specifics (Optional)
e) Default eBay Store Category (Optional)
f) Listing Enhancements
g) Assign a HTML Listing template for your eBay description
h) Return Policy

In this article we are going to show how to set shipping details including calculated shipping option for your item.

a) Please go to Settings -> Marketplace -> eBay -> Shipping Options. Sample screen is shown below.

b) You can see all the shipping options that you have created so far.  You can create as many shipping options as you like and assign a one to each of your listing template.
c) Inside the shipping details option , you can enter shipping methods.  
d) For Calculated Shipping Options please enter  shipping cost as zero.  
e) For item weight for calculated shipping options, you can enter the weight in the shipping options. Also you can enter detail shipping weight for each item by going into product page.
f) If a product has a weight assign, then that weight will be used when sending calculated shipping details to eBay.  
g) If a weight is not assigned to a product, then the weight in the shipping options will be used.  If there no weight specified either at your product level or at shipping options level, then the listing will fail.

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