How to create a image gallery for your eBay iems using Selro's image tags

You can create a profession gallery image for your eBay listings using the below code and Selro's image tags. Please use view source on your 'eBay Listing template'  editor on your Selro account.

Step One - Create a place holder for your gallery image. We have used your first image as the gallery image. You can also assign a different image as your main image (gallery) for your eBay item by going into 'Image tab' when editing the product and mark a image as the main image for eBay.

<div><img src="${image1!}" alt="" name="galleryimage" /></div>

Step Two - Create list of thumbnail images and add mouseover action automatically switch images on your main image when you move your mouse over the thumbnail images.


<a onmouseover="document['galleryimage'].src = '${image1!}'"><img src="${image1!}" /></a>

<#if image2?has_content><a onmouseover="document['galleryimage'].src = '${image2!}'"><img src="${image2!}" /></a></#if>

<#if image3?has_content><a onmouseover="document['galleryimage'].src = '${image3!}'"><img src="${image3!}" /></a></#if>

<#if image4?has_content><a onmouseover="document['galleryimage'].src = '${image4!}'"><img src="${image4!}" /></a></#if>

<#if image5?has_content><a onmouseover="document['galleryimage'].src = '${image5!}'"><img src="${image5!}" /></a></#if>

You can go upto 20 images for your thumbnail images. The 'if has_content" condition checks whether you have a image for your eBay item.

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