Magento API User and Role Setup

Before you setup the Channel Integration in Selro, you first need to configure an account in Magento that Selro can use to connect to the site to send and receive information. We will show you how to setup the user account and help in assistance of integration process. Followed by pictorial representation, we are explained the whole setup process.


Open the Login Admin Panel of Magento CMS, and then enter your login details like user name & Password (shown in the figure below).


After Logging into the account, you will find the dashboard of your admin panel on the left side top of the window.


Then you have to select the SYSTEM in the admin panel of Magento CMS, like below

In the System – Select Web Services à SOAP/ XML- RPC- Roles


After Clicking on it, you need to click on Add New Role. Blow you can find the image of it.


Then add the Role Name of your desired choice and click on SAVE.


Next Click on the Left side of that page, where you can find the Role Resources. Just click on it.


Then Select the Role Resources like Custom or All, select the appropriate one and Click on SAVE. (As shown in the figure below)


Click on Role Users on the left side of the page


Then you can find your details of your created role. You can make changes if you want and then click on SAVE.


Next, you have to create SOAP/XML-RPC-Users in the system à SOAP/XML-RPC-Users. Click on it.


Then you need to create a new user account in this category. Click on the Add New User. (As shown in the below figure).


Then enter the following details: User name, first name, last name, Email, API Key (API needs to be created by yourself). Click on Save User after filling all the required details.  


Next click on User Role in the left hand side of your page and select it.


Select the User from it.


Click On Save after User Selection done.



Magento Integration in SELRO

Now, you are all set to integrate with Selro.

Log in to your Selro account and follow the steps in dashboard, choose ordersà Settingsà Channels

List of Channels will be displayed on the screen. Choose Magento and click on “Add to Selro”.


Followed by, the presentation directs you to Magento Account Integration screen.


Give your Store API User Name


You need to provide the API Key generated in the previous process (Which you setup in the Magento).


Provide the website URL followed by “/apiv2”


Enter your desired user name to remember in SELRO


Enter the word “base” as it is default value for website code


Enter the word “default” as it is default value for store view


Enter the Magento version you are using

Enter the numeric value “2” as it is default value for Root Category id


Enter the numeric value “4” as it is default value for Attribute set id


After filling all the details click on SAVE



Click on Test Connection to validate the details.


If all the details are correct, then the testing shows connection successful.

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