Setting up Magento eCommerce Store with Selro

Please follow below steps to integrate Magento with Selro platform

Step 1 – Create a new Web-service user in your Magento Store. Click System -> Web-service ->Users menu to add a new user.


Step 2 – Create a new Web-service User. Enter any value for the API key. Please remember the API key that you have entered here as you have to enter the same value in Selro eCommerce Configuration. Remember to enable to user and select an admin user role.

Step 3 – Add a new User role and assign this to the new Web-service user. Please remember to allocate all under ‘resource allocation’


Set 4 – Enable RSS feeds for your site. Click System -> Configuration -> Catalog-> RSS Feeds to enable RSS feeds.(This is an optional. However it is always good to enable RSS feed for better SEO).



Step 5 – Once the web-service user is created, following parameters needs to be set  under your eCommerce Settings in Selro. Sample screen is shown below


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