Change listing templates for eBay Active Items

Please follow the below steps to change existing listing template with a new listing template.
⦁    Please click Settings -> Marketplace -> eBay ->Listing Template.
⦁    Following screen will be shown

⦁    Please click 'Assign this template to eBay Items'  button.
⦁    Following screen will be shown.

⦁    You can search for products and assign the template for eBay active items. You can also update the changes to eBay by clicking 'Update eBay'

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  • All my eBay templates have gone or come up with the red warning sign as emailed before.  What has happened.


    All I wanted was a few simple templates  that  were created in Crazy lister   all looked good in Crazy lister  yet never really work as good in Selro but now a total mess.


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