Customizing your eBay Store Design

Please use the following guide lines to update your eBay store design produced by Selro. 

1) Log-in to your eBay seller account and go to Account ->Manage My Shop

2) If you already have an active eBay Shop subscription, the following  'Manage My Shop' screen will be shown. Please click the 'Custom  Pages' link.

3) Please Click create a new 'Custom page' and select layout as '1 Text Section / HTML'

4) Enter Page Title for your eBay Store Page.

5) Enter   the html text in the file provided by Selro into the 'Text Section 1'  and click save.

6) You can also show/hide the left navigator if you wish. We would recommend to hide the left navigation bar as the eBay store designs by Selro will take the full screen.

7) Please click 'Continue' button  and Click Save and Publish.

8) Next you have to select that page as the the 'Home Page' so that when your customers can access your eBay shop URL , this page will be shown. 

9) This can be by achieved by choosing the page from the Store Home page select box and click 'Apply'
10) Next please click 'Display Settings' link under 'Store Design' menu. The following screen will be shown.

11) Under 'Theme and Display' please click 'Change to Another Theme' and select 'Custom Header Only' theme and click save.
12) Then under 'Theme and Display -> Store Header Display' please click 'Change' and select 'No, do not include additional information in the header.' and click save

13) These steps may slightly differ for each eBay Site. These steps are based on eBay US and UK.

14)  but If you have any trouble setting this up, please submit a support ticket at or email us at

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