Setting calculated shipping for eBay items from Selro inventory

Please follow this guide line to set  weight and dimension to items in Selro inventory and apply calculated shipping in eBay for those items.  

    • If you haven't created shipping option, please create a shipping option by going into Settings ->Marketplaces -> eBay -> Shipping Options. Sample screen is displayed below. 


  • For Calculated shipping, you must select  'Calculated' shipping options for   domestic and international postage. You also have the option of offering 'Calculated shipping option only for 'Domestic postage' or 'International Postage'.
  • You can also enter item weight and dimension in this shipping option.  You can leave it blank if your items has different weights.
  • Once the shipping details are completed, you need to attach into your eBay listing template.
  • Next step is to enter item weight and dimension details for individual products.
  • Please go into Selro inventory and open the product that you would like to enter weight and dimension details.
  • Sample screenshot from the product tab is displayed below.


  • This completes the calculated shipping configuration for eBay items.
  • Next time when you list this product or updates into eBay,  item weight and dimension will be sent to eBay for calculated  shipping option (If only the 'Calculated shipping' is selected for either domestic or international shipping). 

If you do not enter any weight and dimension details in product tab, weight and dimension details in the shipping option will be used. This is useful for sellers who sell same type of items with similar weights

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