Download eBay and Amazon Items into Selro

In order to download your eBay and Amazon items in to Selro inventory, first you need to set-up the initial integration with eBay and Amazon. 


  • Setting up eBay Integration

Selro supports multiple eBay accounts. eBay integration can be setup by going to 'Setting -> eBay' tab and click 'Generate Token' button. eBay will generate a unique token for your account, this token will be used to list items into eBay via Selro. Tokens will have an expiry date. Selro will send an notification email one week before the token get expired. You can disable the eBay integration with Selro by removing the token. You can also remove this token from your eBay Account

  • Setting up Amazon Integration

Selro uses Amazon's most up to date Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APIs to integrate with Amazon Selling Platform. Amazon requires sellers to authorize Selro as your integration partner. To authorize Selro to communicate on your behalf, follow the instructions in below totorial.


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