Setting up Amazon Seller Account with Selro

You can set-up the Amazon seller account with Selro by going into Settings -> Marketplace -> Amazon Integration tab.  Selro uses Amazon MWS API to integrate your Amazon account with Selro. You can learn more about Amazon MWS and how it works with third part applications like Selro from following FAQs from Amazon.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:

Please follow below steps to set-up your Amazon account with Selro.

If your account was setup in Selro prior to December 1, 2011 you should update your Marketplace Account Information from Settings -> Marketplace -> Amazon -> Integration Settings. Some functionality may not available until you have authorized Selro as your Amazon integration partner.

Selro uses Amazon’s most up to date Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APIs to integrate with Amazon Selling Platform. Amazon requires sellers to authorize Selro as your integration partner. To authorize Selro to communicate on your behalf, follow the instructions below.

Amazon MWS API Authorization Process

  • * From Setting -> Marketplace -> Amazon -> Integration
  • * Click Add a Amazon Site Button to add a new Amazon Site
  • * Depending on the Amazon Site you are adding a url will be shown to navigate.

>For US visit

For UK visit

* Following page will be show. Please click ‘Signup to MWS’ with your Seller username and password



    • Please select the second radio button – ‘I want to use an Application to access my Amazon Seller Account with MWS’
    • Application Name : Selro
    • Account Number : Enter the account number displayed on Settings ->Marketplace -> Amazon -> Integration Section for the Amazon Site that you want to integrate
    • A sample screen is shown below

Next screen is displayed below


Keep a copy of the Merchant Id and Marketplace id and enter into Selro Amazon Setting.



Setting Up Amazon Order Report Schedule

    • * This process must me completed by all sellers who requires automatic stock level synchronization between Amazon, eBay and Selro.
    • * Please login to your Amazon Seller Account and click Orders -> Order Reports
    • * Check the schedule order reports are enabled to generate reports every 1 hour
    • * If it is not enabled, please click ‘Scheduled Order Report Settings’ edit button
    • * Following screen will be shown
        • Set every 1 hour to scheduler an order report
        • This will enabled Selro to download your Amazon order reports every 1 hour.

      Enable Amazon FBA in Selro Inventory

      If you use Amazon to fulfil your items, you must enable FBA flag your Amazon account in Settings -> Marketplace -> Amazon. This will enable for Selro to download latest quantity levels in FBA into Selro inventory. This setting is also required for stock level synchronization between marketplaces.

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