Set Up Wizard

Selro team welcomes you aboard by sending a confirmation mail as you “Register” by filling in the requisites at:

Note:The credentials entered in can be changed later on.

Default Settings

Please set up default settings  by going into settings section. You can set default currency and country location to be used in your account.

Company Settings

Login to your Selro account  Click on your Selro User ID (on the top right corner of the interface)  Settings  General
Enter in your company details along with appropriate Postal Code and your contact number. Select the currency of a country from where you ship your orders
Note: The facts provided will reflect on all the communications either from Selro to you or from you to your customer.

Tax Settings

Country wise TAX SETTINGS enables you to decide the price of the product inclusive or exclusive of tax while fulfilling orders for customers, worldwide. If you are a cross-border seller, create “Tax Name” for every country where you provide shipping.

Warehouse Setting

Furnish your warehouse details and assign codes for the same in order to maintain references of from where you manage your product.

Suppliers Setting

Key in the Supplier details if you are the supplier for a product or service.

E-mail Setting

Integrate your e-mail with Selro and receive low stock alerts for products that are running low in you inventory, get intimated while doing Bulk Actions, and send mails and invoices to customers directly from Selro. Receive regular updates and information from Selro for effective management of your Business.


Create “Users” for your employees or your trusted ones to access your Selro account while you’re away or to assign responsibilities.
Selro creates a user with the new user’s email id and password so that you can keep yours unrevealed.
Click on your User id  Users  click on “New User”
You can add up to 10 Users for your account.

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