Order Management as the name suggests, is from where you can manage your multi-channel and even offline orders. Selro automatically downloads all the orders irrespective of channels or you can do them manually too. You can also track your FBA orders or fulfill an order to FBA from here.

How to Download Orders

While integrating Channels into Selro, check the “Download Orders”. This will download all the orders automatically.  Even if you’ve not checked that before, it’s not a problem. Just click “Edit” against the Registered Channel


Select “Download Orders”


Save and Close. All your multi-channel orders will be downloaded automatically into Selro henceforth.

To download Orders manually, Select “Orders” from orders > click “Tools” > and select “Download Orders From Channels” from the dropdown.


How to Fulfill Orders


1 & 2. “Create New Order” “Mark as Payment Received” are usually used while uploading and updating an offline sale. While creating a new order for an existing customer, you can select the buyer’s name from the list to auto-fill the credentials that’ll save you more time.

  1. You can Fulfill one or multiple orders from here.
  2. Print Invoice for the orders
  3. Print Labels (either General or via Shipper)
  4. Send a mail to your customer about the status of the shipment directly


From here you can

Edit an order (if you want to change the address etc.) or Cancel it

Create a New Order and Fulfill them (fulfill your offline order too from here)

Print Invoices and Labels

Send an Email to the buyer about the shipping status of the product they ordered

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