Bulk List Products Into Selling Channels

Please use the following file to bulk list items into channels using one file. Currently, the following channels are supported for bulk import using one file.

a) eBay

b) Amazon

c) Etsy

d) Jet.com

f) Sears

g) OnBuy

Remaining channels will be added shortly. Please download the sample files using the attachment below.

Please select 'Multichannel Product CSV File' type when importing this file as shown below. Please note that you must create a listing template for each site and the exact template name must be used in the file. 

'Multichannel Product CSV File' must have at least following fields. 

Filed Name Description
sku Stock Keeping Unit. This is the unique id for your product
parent_sku Parent SKU. Only required if you are importing variation items
title Product Title 
description Product description
selling_price Selling Price for your Product 
product_summary1 Product Summary. This is also mapped to Amazon bullet Points 
selro_category  This is optional. You can provide the selro category name, if you want to import the products into a category in Selro inventory 
condition Item condition of the item. By default this will be mapped to 'New'
variation_theme For variation items only, e,g Color, Size
product attribute:attribute name

 These are product attributes or item specifics.   You would need to add a new column for each attribute/item specific

e.g product attribute: color , product_attribute: size  





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