Integration Of Amazon API Into Selro

This user guide will walk you through integration of Amazon API into your SELRO account channel. Please follow the procedure described below.

Prerequisite for this procedure is that you have established Amazon online shop with implemented categories and products.

Amazon preparation

  1. Make sure that you have an seller account on Amazon
  2. Go to this page:
  3. Click on Sign up for MWS
  4. Login with your credentials
  5. On the next page, select as on image and click Next (for non US and UK users):
    Amazon integration with selro image003
  6. You will got your MWS Data:
    Amazon integration with selro image004
  7. For US and UK sellers please select the second option, like on image:
    Amazon integration with selro image005
    Use these accounts for integration:


    Amazon Site Selro Amazon Developer Account
    US 8380-0981-3710
    UK 2193-9241-5088
    Other Please select option one in Amazon MWS registration


  1. Go to the SELRO web page (
  2. Click on a Login button
    Amazon integration with selro image006
  3. Insert your credential on a login form.
    Amazon integration with selro image007
  4. When you are on your SELRO account admin page, place mouse cursor over Orders and select Channels from the drop down menu
    Amazon integration with selro image008
  5. From the Available Marketplace Integrations, find Amazon
    Amazon integration with selro image009
  6. Two options are available here:
    1. Add to Selro (main option that will be covered with this guide)
    2. Get One (choose this option if you do not have established Amazon site; it will lead to Amazon site directly)
  7. Click on Add to Selro option
    Amazon integration with selro image010
  8. New form will appear
  9. Populate the form:
    1. Account Name ->name for this integration channel that will help you to find it latter
    2. Seller Id -> Your Amazon ID (explained above)
    3. AWS Access Key ID/MWS Selro Developer Account -> Refer to the explanation above for this value
    4. AWS Secret Key/MWS Authorization Token -> Refer to the explanation above for this value
    5. Amazon Site -> Which site is used
    6. Marketplace ID -> Id of the Marketplace you are using (explained above)
    7. Select these three check boxes if you like to download catalog, orders and FBA Items from Amazon into SELRO
      Amazon integration with selro image011Amazon integration with selro image012
    8. Top menu buttons explanation
      Amazon integration with selro image013


      1. Save (Save the form input; Save the created integration with Amazon)
      2. Test Connection (Clicking on this button will test your conection to Amazon web service) Expected result is:
        Amazon integration with selro image014
      3. Download Amazon Catalog (This will get products catalog from Amazon. This action can take some time to finish)
      4. Close (Close the integration form
    9. If you would like to create custom listing templates, please click on the Listing Templates Tab and prepare your custom representation
      Amazon integration with selro image015
  10. What to do when you need to edit your saved Amazon integration?
    1. When you are on your SELRO account admin page, place mouse cursor over Ordersand select Channels from the drop down menu
      Amazon integration with selro image008
    2. From the right screen part, named Registered Channels, find your integration with Amazon (you will recognize it by the name you have inserted during the configuration)
      Amazon integration with selro image017
    3. Click on the Edit button and it will open the form with integration parameters
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