Offering Calculated Shipping For Etsy Listing Via Selro

Etsy hasn’t added support for calculated shipping to their API yet. That means you cannot use a calculated shipping profile when you list items to Etsy from Selro.

If you want to offer calculated shipping, you can easily add it after your items list. Please follow the below steps:
1) Use a standard shipping profile when you list your items through Selro. Please include product dimensions and a weight as those are required for the calculated shipping.
2) List the items into Etsy via Selro
3) Once the item(s) are listed into Etsy, Please go to Etsy’s Shipping Profiles page and click the Quick Edit multiple listings button. Please Select a calculated shipping profile from the drop-down and add it to each listing. You can do this in bulk for all your listing.

How to Find Shipping Profile IDs Inside Etsy

The shipping template ID is found in the URL of the shipping profile.
1) Log into Etsy
2) Go the Your Shop menu -> Listings -> Shipping Profiles
3) Click Edit next to a standard shipping profile.

Please visit the below article from Etsy for further details on how to create shipping profiles.


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