Generating Hermes Order Export File

Selro supports printing shipping labels directly from Selro for Hermes contract accounts. If you have a pre-paid Hermes account, please follow the below steps to export orders from Selro and import into Hermes shipping account for creating labels. 


1) Please create MyHermes export profiles from 'Shipping & Courier Setup'.  An order export profile contains defaults values to be put into the export csv file such as  'Signature Required, Compensation Value, Default shipping weight'.  

2) You can set-up multiple profiles and chose a one during the fulfilment of orders via MyHermes. 




3) Once the profiles are set-up, you can go to your unshipped orders queue and click 'Fulfil Orders'.


4) Please click 'Export' and  select the export profile to export orders using that profile. If a profile is not selected,  order file will be created using the following default values.

a) Compensation value set to Order value

b) Signature Required  set to 'No'

c) Weight value will be take from the product. If it is empty,  weight field will be empty.








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