Bluepark Integration with Selro

In order to integrate  please go to Settings > Channels and e-commerce tab and add 'BluePark' into Selro.



For Bluepark integration with Selro, you need to acquire Bluepark account and details. Enter the channel name, Bluepark Site Url, API Username and API Password.

For the API information, you can follow this guide:

Then, you can find two options called  Download Products &  Download Orders into Selro. Mark them accordingly and click on Save button, which is placed on the right side top of the window.

Click on the test connection and there would be a popup raised saying, “Test Connection Successful”.

Download the Bluepark Catalog whenever you require it and then click on close after you done with all tasks.

Bluepark channel name will be listed now in the “Registered Channels”, showing the status as active.




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