Listing items into Fruugo

Selro supports listing and stock update of items from Selro inventory into Fruugo marketplace. Please follow the below tutorial to start listing items from your Selro account.  You can either list the full product catalog or a set of products from Selro inventory.

1) Listing template must be created before listing into any channels. This also applies for Fruugo items. Please go to Settings -> Channel Integration -> Fruugo and go to 'listing templates' tab.

2) Please click 'New Listing Template' to create a new template for your items.   You can create any number of templates and assign to different products.  e.g If you have different categories , you can create different template for each category.  



3) Please enter following fields in the template.

Template Name This is a name to identify your template   Mandatory
Pricing Rule Specify pricing rule to calculate prices automatically based on your base price   Optional
Category Fruugo Category. This can also specified at product level   Mandatory
Brand Brand name. This can also specified at product level  Mandatory
Manufacture   Manufacturer name. This can also specified at product level  Mandatory
VAT rate VAT rate. By default this will be set to zero  Optional
Currency Currency for the product  Mandatory
Lanuage  Language for the product details   Mandatory
Lead Time Lead time for fulfilment . By default this will be set to one  Optional
Countries Countries where the product should be visible in Fruugo International Marketplaces. By default this will be set to empty so that settings in your Fruugo account will be applicable.  Optional
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