Listing items onto Opensky

You can now list all your items in Selro inventory into Opensky by exporting your products into Opensky import file type. Please follow the below steps to generate the Opensky import file from Selro.


a) Please add the Opensky channel into your Selro account

b) Create a listing template for your Opensky products. Please enter product category, product type that you would like to list to Opensky. You can also enter category and product type at product level. 

c) Please go to Manage inventory and select the products that you would like to list to Opensky.


d) Click 'Send to Opensky' 

e) Now please go to Settings -> Channel Integration -> Opensky and click 'Create Opensky Bulk Import csv file'

f) Please download the Opensky file from Bulk Actions -> Download


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