Bulk Price Revise Into eBay,Amazon And Other Channels

You can bulk revise prices of your items in multiple marketplaces at once. Please follow the below steps to bulk revise prices via Selro.

a) Please go to Inventory -> Channel Products. This will show listings from all your marketplaces and e-commerce stores connected with Selro.

b) Please select the channel that you would like to bulk revise prices. 


c) This will show all the live listings from that channel.  Please click 'Bulk Revise Prices' button to revise prices.  When you click 'Bulk Revise Prices'   following  screen will be shown. By default it will show all the live listing for the selected channel. If you like to bulk revise only certain items, please search those items  using the search button. Then you can bulk revise only those items returned from search results. For the below example we have search the text  '229415425' and it return only one item.  Bulk revise will apply only for this item.


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