Bulk update quantities for channels (eBay, Amazon , woocommerce etc)

Selro provides easy to use CSV file formats to bulk update quantities into channels such as eBay,Amazon and Shopify.

This section explains the csv file format to update stock levels into.  Pleae go to Inventory -> Bulk Actions and use the file format type SKUQTY.  

Please download the sample file below.


Column Description
sku Stock Keeping Unit. This is the unique id for your product. Item with this matching SKU must exist in Selro inventory.  You can include SKUs from both single items as well as variation items. For variation items, please create a new line for each variation SKU.

Number of items available to sale. This is the total stock available for the item.

This will update the same quantities across all channels registered with Selro. e.g eBay,Amazon and Magento.  

Please note that variation quantity update only works with eBay and Amazon channels only.

if you would like to send different quantities to the total quantites, please use the below columns.

 ebayuk-qty This is for eBay UK Qty. Like wise you can include all the eBay sites to update qty

This is for eBay US Qty. Like wise you can include all the eBay sites to update qty

Similarly for other eBay sites, please use the country code

e.g ebayspain-qty for eBay Spain qty

ebaygermany-qty for eBay Germany qty


This is for Amazon UK Qty. Like wise you can include all the Amazon sites to update qty

Similarly for other Amazon sites, please use the country ISO2 code

e.g amazones-qty for Amazon spain qty

amazonde-qty for Amazon Germany qty

woocommerce-qty This is for woocommerce quantity

This is for shopify qty


for other channels , please use 'channel name'-qty

e.g if the channel name is walmart, please use walmart-qty



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