Bulk Import Product Details

You can bulk import products including variations into Selro inventory using a CSV file.  Please us the following sample file to import products.  Please use the 'General CSV file' type (Bulk Actions -> Import ) when importing the CSV file. 

For custom fields, please use the exact field name in the csv column header. e.g if you have created a custom field call 'Desk Length' , then in the file please us the field name as 'Desk Length'


File Name Description
General CSV

Please use this file type to import/update products into Selro inventory including variations/attributes etc.

Download a sample file


Use this file to import attributes/item specifics  and possible values into Selro inventory so that you can use these in your products

Download a sample file


Use this file to import attributes/item specifics into existing products.

Download a sample file



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