Headers Available To Use In Import Files To Bulk Update/Add Products in Selro

You can bulk import products into Selro inventory via a CSV (comma separated) file. Please download the sample file below and import via Bulk Actions using 'General Product Import'  import type.  The following section explains each field in the Selro product import format.

Field Name Description
sku Unique id for your item 
title Product Title
parent_sku Parent SKU for Variations
variation_theme Variation Theme  (e.g Size)
qty Quantity for this sku
description Product Description
short_description Product Summary
selling_price Product selling Price
rrp_price Recommended Retail Price
cost_price Cost Price
image_url1 -15 Product Image url 1 to 15
manufacturer Manufacturer
mpn Manufacturer part number
ean European Barcode
upc US and non-EU Barcode
isbn ISBN for books
brand Brand Name
depth Depth
depth_unit e.g cm, inch, m Please note that length/width/dept unit must be same
width Width
width_unit e.g cm, inch, m Please note that length/width/dept unit must be same
length Length
length_unit e.g cm, inch, m Please note that length/width/dept unit must be same
weight weight_unit e.g g for grams, kg for killo grams , lb or oz
item_condition Product condition e.g New, Used etc . Please use the values in Selro product general details tab
condition_note This is for the description of item condition
product_summary1 to 5 Product summary to Product summary 5
asin Amazon ASIN for this product
product attribute: attribute name

For product attributes, you can use 'Product Attribute: name' field. E.g for Size it will be product attribute: size


For multi-values, please enter comma separated values.  e.g

product attribute: Flavor

Values   "Falvour1, Falvour2,Flavour3"

custom field name e.g if you have created custom fields for your product in Selro inventory, you can include the exact name as the field name
selro_category_name Category name in Selro. If the category name doesnt exist, it will create
selro_category_id Category id
tax_rate e.g 20 for 20%. These tax rates must be defined in your Selro tax setting account before imprting



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