General Settings

Please set the below default settings in your Selro account.


1) Default Currency


This is the default currency for your account.  

Please go to Settings -> General Settings -> Currency tab and enter default currency for your Selro


If you check the box 'Automatically convert when listing internationally' this will calculate the correct price when you sell in different currencies.




2) Tax Settings


Please go to Settings -> General Settings -> Tax tab and create tax settings for your country.     

(you can create multiple tax settings)




These tax settings can be assigned to products in bulk via a CSV file. 

You can download a sample file here:   Tax Rate Upload.csv

Inventory-> Inventory & listings-> edit product details-> select the 'prices tab'-> Tax Rate Bulk update-> here you can upload a CSV file to bulk upload the tax rate to products.  







3) Dimensional Unit


Please go to Settings -> General Settings -> Dimensions & weights

These default values will be used if there are no values specified at product level

If your items have product dimensions for shipping fee calculations, please enter the unit values.





4) Customise Order Settings


Please go to Settings-> General Settings-> Orders

-From here you can customise your pick and pack lists by selecting 'edit' 

-Set the Unshipped Orders Display Settings. You can choose to view the newest order first or the oldest order first.

-Set the default order view. You can choose to view your sales list or your order list

-You can customise your order ID sequence

-Set your default HS Code

-Set your default country of manufacturer (For Electronic Custom Data in Shipping Labels)




5) Product Custom Fields


Settings-> General Settings -> Products

You can create and manage your custom fields, these custom fields will then appear under the product details in your inventory. 

You can customise your product SKU sequence that is automatically generated by Selro. 





6) Product Labels

From here you can customise the product labels you print from Selro and connect your printer to Selro.

(If you need help customising your Label Text please contact the support team at

Settings-> General Settings-> Product Labels-> download the relevant software for your computer-> follow the installation process.

Once Installed please select Search Printer-> Select your Printer-> Save -> Print Test Label

















To print off the individual product labels please follow the below steps


Inventory->Inventory & Listings -> Click the product title-> Select Print









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