Royal Mail Click and Drop

Please follow the below set-up to connect your Royal Mail Click and Drop account with Selro for label printing. Selro will send orders to Click and Drop and labels can be printed automatically using the printer connected to your workstation.

1) Set-up Dropbox connection with your Royal Mail Click and Drop account.

Please login to your Click and Drop and click Dashboard link. Then click integrate your online stores.



Click 'Add New Integration' link.



Please click 'Dropbox' and follow the steps. Please make sure that you have created a free Dropbox account before  completing this step. You can create a free Dropbox account at




Once you have connected the Dropbox account with RM Click and Drop, please login to your Selro account and add 'Click and Drop' from the Shipping Integration section (Shipping- > Shipping Courier Set-Up) .




Please click 'Connect Dropbox' and follow the steps. 

Next please go to Royal Mail Click and Drop and import the below sample order csv file and map the columns.  All column 16 must be mapped.

Once this is completed, you can start printing labels for orders in Selro via RM Click and Drop.

In order to print the labels automatically on your printer, please follow the below tutorial (How to connect Royal Mail Print Assist) from RM .

How to connect Royal Mail Print Assist







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