Royal Mail Click and Drop

Please follow the below steps to connect Royal Click and Drop account with Selro for generating shipping labels in C&D via Selro.

If you are an Royal Mail OBA customer and your OBA account is connected to C&D, then you can also view and print C&D shipping labels in your Selro account.

In order to connect C&D with Selro, Please login to your Click and Drop and click Dashboard link. Then click integrate your online stores.



Click 'Add New Integration' link.


Please click 'C&D API' and enter the below details 




Once you have created the API key in RM Click and Drop, please login to your Selro account and add 'Click and Drop' from the Shipping Integration section (Shipping- > Shipping Courier Set-Up)  and enter the API key and click 'Test Connection





Export and Import C&D Order File

Please follow the below steps to export and import a C&D order CSV file from Selro into C&D.   You can follow this process as an option instead of the API integration.

  • Please add the C&D shipping carrier from the Shipping section.
  • Bulk select the orders that is required for C&D Order export CSV file
  • Click 'Export to C&D CSV file' 


  • Once the file is exported into a CSV file , please login to the C&D section and import the order.  If this is the first time importing the CSV file produced by Selro,  please map the fields for each header column and import.  This is only required for the first time


Generating Shipping Labels and Confirm the Orders into Sales Channels

Please follow the below steps to generate C&D labels and confirm orders from Selro.

  • Please select the orders from 'Unshipped Order' tab  and click print label and select 'Click and Drop'
  • Apply the C&D shipping services for the selected orders and click 'Send Orders to Click and Drop' 
  • Selected order data will be sent to C&D immediately. 
  • Please generate the shipping labels in C&D
  • Please come back to Selro order section and confirm the orders.  Tracking numbers from C&D will be automatically copied into Selro order section and details will be sent to sales channels.
  • Alternative you can confirm the orders directly from RM C&D and Selro will get the order status and tracking number automatically and update within Selro.


If your Royal Mail OBA account is connected to your C&D Account, you will be able to view and print your shipping labels directly within Selro as pictured below. 



If you are shipping over 100 orders per day with RM you can request access to royal mails direct API.

The user guide below explains this process in greater detail.

Royal Mail Direct API


The differences between OBA C&D integration and OBA direct API integration within Selro. 


Differences between C&D & OBA direct API connection OBA C&D Integration OBA Direct API Connection
Creating Manifests Has to be completed in C&D directly  Can be generated within Selro
Cancelling Labels Has to be cancelled in C&D directly  Can be cancelled within Selro 






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