Please follow the below steps to integrate Inxpress Global Shipping platform with Selro.  Integration with Inxpress provides the ability to send Orders from your Selro account into Inxpress Webship+.  These orders will be visible under 'BATCH' section of Webship+. A sample screenshot is shown below.


Integration with Inxpress is available via below two options 

  • API
  • CSV file Export and Import into Webship+

Orders created via the API will have a source called 'PUSH_ORDER_API' in Webship+ Batch section.

Orders created via a CSV file import will have a source called 'CSV' in Webship+ Batch section.

Once the imported orders are processed within Webship+ , tracking numbers will be sent to Selro automatically.  Selro will update this tracking numbers against the order and fulfil the orders.

Limitations with Inxpress integration

The below limitations are due to the  Webship+ API limitation. Selro will proactively enhance the integration once more features are available on Webship+ API.

  • Any updates performed in Webship+ will not reflect in Selro order details. Only the carrier name, tracking details will get updated into Selro from Inxpress
  • If you update any order details in Selro after sending the order to Webship+, you have to resend the order again.  However before re-sending the order, please delete the order in Webship+.




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