List FBA Items to Other Sales Channels

Please follow the below steps to connect your FBA Warehouse(s) with Selro and send FBA items to other sales channels and keep the stock levels in synchronise. 


Step One :  Connecting FBA Warehouse(s) with Selro

  • Please first connect your FBA Warehoused by going into Settings -> Fulfilment Centres and click 'Add New Fulfilment Centre'.  You can add more than one fulfilment centre into your Selro account.
  • Please select the fulfilment type as 'FBA'  as other fulfilment warehouses such as Huboo are also supported by Selro.
  • In the Fulfilment Settings page, please enable 'Stock Synchronise' .  This setting once enable will make same FBA SKUs listed in other sales channels will be synchronised for stock levels. 

Step Two :  Download FBA Items into Selro Inventory

  • Once the FBA warehouse is connected, FBA items will automatically start downloading into Selro inventory.  You can view the FBA items by going into Inventory -> FBA Inventory section.  
  • This view will have the latest stock information from FBA warehouse. 
  • From this view you can select FBA items and click 'Add to Selro Inventory'
  • Select FBA products will add into Selro inventory.  If the SKU is already there in the inventory, it will not add.
  • Once the FBA items are in Selro inventory, you can list to sales channels.
  • Please remember to enable the stock sync in FBA Warehouse settings to keep your stock levels in syc as per the stock levels in FBA Warehouse. 
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