List Items into your Sales Channels

This article will go through the steps to list items into your sales channels.

  • If you would like to list items from one of your sales channels to your e-commerce store (e.g eBay items into your Shopify store), please connect the source channel and download the items into Selro inventory.
  • If you don't have sales channels to import the product into your e-commerce store, please first create the products into Selro inventory either via CSV file upload or manually creating products via the UI. Please follow the tutorials in the 'Inventory Management' section for further details on creating products.
  • To list items into sales channels, please apply the search filter 'Not Listed' and select the channel that you would like to list.


  • This will show all the products not listed into the specific channel. Please select the product that you would like to list and click 'Create New Listings' and follow the steps. This is the bulk way to list items into sales channels from your Selro inventory. Please remember to create the listing templates for each channel before listing.
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