Please follow the below steps to connect DPD with your Selro account for direct label printing.

  • Please go to 'Available Carriers' section and click 'Setup' to add DPD form the available shipping carrier integration section. You can only add one DPD account with your Selro account.


  • Please enter following details for your DPD account. Please get the below connection details from your DPD account manager. You may have to create test labels and get the approval from your DPD account manager, if this is your first time to use API keys to print labels.

                             DPD Account Number

                             MyDPD Username

                             MyDPD Password 



  • Please also install the printer connection  client software by clicking the 'download' for your computer. Please remember to install this software using an admin account.  
  • Once the printer connection is installed, please come back to this DPD set-up screen and click ' Search' printer.
  • This should show all the printers connected to your computer and any network printer.
  • Please select the printer and the correct  printer type and click save.
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