How to Create Variation Listings

The following article shows the steps to create variation listings into sales channels. The flow is same for all channels such as eBay, Amazon,Woocommerce, Shopify etc.


  • Please click Create Product. This will create the variation parent product and assign the parent SKU.
  • Added images to the variation parent by going into the 'Images' Tab.  Images for each variation can be added in the next step.
  • Please go to the variation tab and add variation SKUs. If the variation SKUs are already in Selro inventory, you can enter those variation SKUs and those will be automatically added into the variation parent.


  • Once variation SKUs are added, please go to the listing tab and add the sales channels that you would like to list this item.


  • The variations SKUs will be added into the listing.
  • Edit the variation listing and under variation section, please select the 'Variation Theme'  and set the variation values for each variation SKU.



  • Once this variation listing is added for one sales channels, then listing to other sales channels will automatically add these variation and above steps are not required.
  • The below Video shows the steps for Amazon listings but the steps are same for all sales channels.




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