Invoice Customisation

Invoice can be customised using html tags.

For dynamic configuration, Selro uses freemarker macro tags with following variables within the html tab.


Tag Desription
${order_id}  This is the channel order id
${order_barcode}  This is the order barcode image
${ebay_record_number}  This is eBay order record number
${shippingname}  Customer Name
${address_line1}  Address Line 1
${address_line2}  Address Line 2
${address_line3}  Address Line 3
${state}  County/State
${city}  City
${postcode}  Post Code
${country}  Ship Country Name
${country_code}  Ship Country ISO Code
${phonenumber}  Phone Number
${royalmail_ppi}  Royal Mail PPI image
${shipping_label}  Shipping Label url
${shipping_charge}  Shipping Charge
${delivery_instructions}  Delivery Instructions
${buyer_email}  Buyer Email
${total_price}  Order Total Price
${qty_sku_list}  This will give line items in qty,sku text
${qty_sku_title_list This will give line items in qty,sku and item title text 
${checkout_message}  Buyer Checkout message
${billing_shippingname}  Buyer Name
${billing_address_line1}  Buyer Address Line 1
${billing_address_line2}  Buyer Address Line 2
${billing_address_line3}  Buyer Address Line 3
${billing_city}  Buyer City
${billing_state}  Buyer County/State
${billing_postcode}  Buyer Postcode
${billing_country}  Buyer Country
${billing_phone}  Buyer Phone Number
${invoice_no}  Invoice Number
${billing_email}  Buyer Email
${shipping_method}  Shipping Method
${order_date}  Order Date
${tracking_no}  Order Tracking Number
${line_items}  This line items
${buyer_username}  This is eBay user name
${extended_ebay_order_id}  This is new eBay Order Id
${order_notes}  Order Notes



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