How to connect Cdiscount with Selro

Please follow the below steps to connect Cdiscount seller account with your Selro account.

  • Please click Settings Menu and 'User Right Management' in Cdiscount Seller Portal as shown below.


  • This will show the below 'User Rights Management' screen.
  • Please click 'Add a User API' and follow the steps.
  • This will generate an API username and password. Please enter those into Selro Cdiscount secttion.
  • If the API uesrname/password do not generate (this could happen for some users) , please contact your Cdiscount Account Manager for assistance.



To enter your API keys into your Selro account please follow the steps outlined below:


Select your username in the top right hand corner-> connections-> Marketplaces-> add Cdiscount-> enter your account information as pictured below. 






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