How to connect Cdiscount with Selro

Please follow the below steps to connect Cdiscount seller account with your Selro account.

  • Please click Settings Menu and 'User Right Management' in Cdiscount Seller Portal as shown below.


  • This will show the below 'User Rights Management' screen.
  • Please click 'Add a User API' and follow the steps.
  • This will generate an API username and password. Please enter those into Selro Cdiscount secttion.
  • If the API uesrname/password do not generate (this could happen for some users) , please contact your Cdiscount Account Manager for assistance.



To enter your API keys into your Selro account please follow the steps outlined below:


Select your username in the top right hand corner-> connections-> Marketplaces-> add Cdiscount-> enter your account information as pictured below. 




The below video takes you through these steps in more detail


Generally we would recommend that you create any new listings directly on cDiscount, and use Selro for stock and price updates and order management. If you have any questions regarding this integration please feel free to contact our support team at




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