Changing Selro Subscription Payment from Paypal to Card

Please follow the below steps to change the payment method from Paypal to Card for Selro subscription.This steps are for customers who have created the Selro subscription using Paypal and want to change the payment method to bank card.

  • Please click top-right hand corner menu and click account & billing-> subscriptions
  • This will show the current subscription details.
  • Please click 'Cancel Subscription' and in the cancelation reason please enter  'chaging payment type'.
  • This will take to your paypal account to cancel the current subscription.
  • Once that is completed, please comback to the subscription page and click 'Subscribe' and select the card payment method and follow the steps.
  • Please remember to enable the  channels again and also the stock sync settings.
  • This will not impact any other settings in your account.
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