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Please follow the below steps to connect your Hermes contract account with Selro.  If your Hermes account is not contract account,  then you have to export orders from Selro and import into Hermes to create shipping labels.


To connect your Hermes Contract Account please follow the below steps:


  • Please go to the Shipping -> Shipping Courier Set-up and add 'Hermes'.  
  • Enter your account details






If you have a pre-paid account, please follow the steps below to generate your export report. 


  • Please go to Shipping->Shipping Courier Set up and click settings on Hermes (Import / Export orders)
  • Please create your Hermes profile (you can create multiple shipping profiles.





  • To generate an export file to upload to Hermes please go to All Orders-> Open Orders
  • Select the orders you want to export 
  • Select fulfil orders
  • Select Export Shipping Details
  • Select 'Carrier Hermes'
  • Select Export
  • Choose the shipping profile you want to use and click export
  • Select confirm shipment









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