Download selected Items from Sales Channels

Please follow the below steps to download/re-download individual items from sales channels instead of the full catalogue.


By default Selro automatically downloads new items from sales channels into Selro. But sometimes you may want to re-download an item that is already in Selro.

  • Please go to 'Manage Inventory' section and click 'Other Actions -> Download from Sales Channels'


  • Please click 'Download by Item Ids tab and enter the comma separated item ids to download.
  • For Amazon please enter 'seller SKU'.  For other channels please enter item id. For eBay this will be the listing id. Please refer to the below table for the full list of channels that you can download by item id or SKU

  • This will download the item and update the listing in Selro.

  • If the product for the SKU (not the listing) is already in inventory, this will not override the product details and it will only update the listing details.


Channel Download By Listing Id (Item Id) or SKU
Amazon SKU 
eBay Listing Id
Wish SKU
Etsy Listing Id
Bluepark Item Id
Shopwired Listing Id
Magento 1.x SKU
Shopify Listing Id
Woocommerce Listing Id
Reverb Listing Id
Prestashop Listing Id
Bigcommerce Listing Id
ECWID Listing Id
Opencart Listing Id
Discogs Listing Id
Magento2 Listing Id
Walmart  SKU

Offer SKU

Please note there are two  types of SKUs in B&Q

1) Offer SKU 2) Product SKU


Offer SKU

Please note there are two  types of SKUs in Mirakl

1) Offer SKU 2) Product SKU

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