How to download selected Items from Sales

Please follow the below steps to download/re-download individual items from sales channels instead of the full catalogue. By default Selro automatically download new items from sales channels into Selro. But sometimes you may want to re-download an item that is already in Selro.

  • Please go to 'Manage Inventory' section and click 'Other Actions -> Download from Sales Channels'


  • Please click 'Download by Item Ids tab and enter the comma separated itemds to download.
  • For Amazon please enter 'seller sku'.  For other channels please enter item id. For eBay this will be the listing id.
  • This will download the item and update the listing in Selro.
  • If the product for the SKU (not the listing) is already in inventory, this will not override the product details and it only update the listing details.



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